Week 7 Reflections!

It is wild to think this is the end of week 7! This course has gone by scary fast which means the summer is going by scary fast (especially for a teacher). However, it is exciting to know I’m at the finish line and about to complete my Master’s Degree! Crazy!

As for my work this week I completed all of the requirements of the week’s assignments by the required dates. I also met my own personal goal of spreading the week’s work out more than I had done the previous week, which I think helped improve the quality of work. I’m really glad I gave myself some more time to reflect on the reading, add to annotations and create for DS106. I was also really inspired by Lisa’s post this week about finding my voice, and tried to step a bit more outside of my comfort zone and share more of my voice-something I really don’t love doing on social media. Reflecting back on weeks past I can see how my I’ve become more and more comfortable sharing in the open. That being said sharing in the open is something I do still struggle with and at times find myself over analyzing before sharing-it’s the whole ANYONE can see this.

I did really enjoy our reading this week, and felt like it gave me an opportunity to be a bit more critical which is a good thing. I still wish that online annotating was something I had the opportunity to do in previous classes. I think our reading presented an ideal, but at times felt a bit unrealistic to implement at times. I also really enjoyed going back to looking over everyone’s work, not just those in our group. I found some blogs I really enjoyed and some work that really inspired and moved me. I wish there was more time to view it all! It’s amazing to see what people are creating. It also helped me see how we all have our own voice, even if it takes a bit for it to come out in full force.

After checking out some of the other blogs, ones that weren’t in my group, I realized how I would have liked to been reading them throughout the course. However, the great thing is I can go back and review more when I have the time. I’ve already bookmarked a few with themes I’m interested in exploring myself.

I think the larger issue surrounding my work and my theme is did I do enough? Did I do enough to connect my work to my theme? Does my DS106 work help me explore my theme? How do I feel about my theme now in relation to how I felt at the beginning of the course? I’m excited to explore all of these questions throughout our last week. Overall though I am really happy with the work I have produced and would say I have exceeded my own expectations of what I thought I could do, or would feel comfortable doing in this course.





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