Week 6: Weekly Reflection


  • How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments (inclusive of at least two TDCs, your DS106 Activity Bank Assignment, response to course readings (grad students only), critique of digital story, various responses to CU Denver peers, and engagement with other online social networks)?

I’m happy with the work that I produced this week. I really liked the DS106 assignments this week, and enjoyed getting to choose my own DS106 Activity Bank Assignment. I chose an assignment that I can absolutely picture using in my classroom. I also kept engaged with my peers throughout the week.

  • What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

I once again really enjoyed the reading annotations and discussions with my peers.The readings are so much more dynamic with the addition of the discussions. Sometimes the annotations help me make sense of things I’m unsure about. I also always enjoy looking over everyone’s digital stories, and reading responses. I have found such great resources from their work, and continue to be inspired by what they produce. I also love getting the feedback from my peers.

  • What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

This week was busy for me outside of this course, so I wasn’t able to get things done as early as I usually do, but I still completed everything by its due date. I’m still curious about our last week’s work, and what will be expected/what we will be producing. I’m assuming more of that will be coming forth this week. Plus I did spend some time looking over the work Lisa created when she took the course, so that helped give me a better idea of what to expect as well.

  • What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work, particularly as they relate to exploring your focal theme?

I found it easier to relate this week’s assignment bank work to my focal theme. In the beginning I was really having a hard time relating some of our DS106 work to my theme, but the readings have helped me understand the connections more and more.

  • Provide a self assessment of your work quality and effort on a “exceeding expectations,” “meeting expectations,” and “below expectations” scale. Why are you “exceeding” or “meeting” or “below” course expectations?

I believe my work met and exceeding expectations this week. I thought critically about my work, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and engaged with my peers. I especially think I did a great job with my engagement with the reading this week.




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