Week 5: Reflection


It is crazy to look back and think about week one in this course-things have really changed. I feel like I have hit a rhythm with my assignments, but not in a way I just do them without thinking-like in other courses. Instead, I understand the flow of the course, but the content is always evolving, which keeps things interesting. I completed all of my week’s assignment and once again surprised myself with my production. For example, I really tried to take Remi’s advice and not over-think some of my DS106 creations. Instead, I tried to engage in the play, and have fun with the assignments without worrying about “rules.” I also pushed myself in my blogging, and got more personal than I would typically get.

I did struggle a bit with the photo editing aspect of my Mashup creation but as I stated above, I really tried my best to not over-think and have fun with the assignment. I really enjoyed the work I did on my story critique this week. Instead of connecting the story to our week’s reading, like I have in the past, I took another route that helped me reflect on this week’s tragic events. I also, as always, loved reading over other people’s work, especially their digital story critiques. I especially loved this post from Laura. The new concept of Do It Together, from the Jenkins’ reading was something new, that really struck me as well.

I think starting the assignment bank work earlier in the week would help me tackle the tech aspects of the assignment better in the coming weeks. As for questions I’m becoming more curious about our final assignment during week 8 and what that will look like. Week 8 happens to be the week my husband and I close on our first home, so we have a busy few weeks coming up!

My work seems to be gaining more “depth” as we talked about in previous weeks/readings. It is amazing how much this course has made me reflect on so many different aspects of my story theme, because of all the different views/discussions I’ve been exposed to. I start in on one annotation with a peer, which leads to a thought on this and that, then someones Tweet makes me think of something else, or leads me to a certain article-the depth of the course, and resources are almost overwhelming at times, but in a good way. I find myself bookmarking more and more in my “teaching resources” folder. I think because of this engagement, and the fact I complete all of my work on time and with quality, I would say I have met expectations.




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