Schwarzenegger Mashup

This week, when looking over DS106’s Mashup Assignments I tried searching for something that I could relate to education. I once again landed on something I feel like I could remix in order to use it with my own students, and I used a terrible “teaching” related movie in the meantime.

I can’t totally explain why, but I chose to mashup a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, with a bear. Based on what I was seeing from many of the mashup examples I figured-hey, the cheesier the better. Also, most movies about teachers/schools are cheesy and terrible, so I figured I would go with it.

Mashing up these two images was for Mashup Assignment 1945I’m Ready for My Closeup. The assignment asks that you take a dramatic close up of anyone’s face and superimpose with a landscape or scene. I found a picture of Arnold running away from the children in the movie like he was running from something that was about to eat him, and landed on the bear picture.

In order to create this mashup I layered my two photos using the PhotoshopMix app. I’m still finding it easier to do most of my DS106 assignments on my phone, instead of my desktop. The apps seem easier to use. I landed on PhotoshopMix after trying out some more confusing programs on my desktop. However, I tried hard to follow Remi’s advice and not agonizing over making it perfect, and instead tried to have some fun with the mashup, and here is what I came up with:


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