Week 4: Reflection

Halfway point! I can’t believe week 4 is over, and I’m that much closer to completing my masters!

This week I completed all of our week’s assignments on time, and to the best of my abilities. The one assignment I felt a bit unsure about this week was the Digital Story Critique only because of the new criteria for critique. As I was following the criteria I wondered if I should have chosen a specific media that L&K discuss in their appendix on new literacies and types of remix.

I do feel like there were a few things I struggled through this week in addition to the new criteria for critique. I also had some trouble finding a quality digital story. I feel like I’m running out of places to look for education related digital stories, which I know is crazy, because I have the whole internet, but I still sometimes wonder if I’m picking the “right” type of digital story to critique. Do they all need to be videos? Should I be choosing different types of media? One thing I did really enjoy this week was looking over the different design assignments. I felt as though a lot of them could be used in a classroom with some modifications. I can see myself using them as inspiration in the future. As always, I really loved the hypothes.is¬†discussions, and looking over my peer’s work. I continue to find great inspiration and resources from them. I was also pretty proud that I figured out how to create a GIF for a daily create this week!

I’m still a little unsure about the new critique, so I looked over some peers work and I seem to be on the right track. I suppose I could have reached out on Twitter for more help/support, and need to make sure I continue to use those resources.

As for larger issues relating to my focal theme-I feel like my theme is constantly evolving. I continue to find more and more resources for education, but am also quick to remember not all of these tech resources are easily accessible in schools (my last classroom only had 3 computers). I also have to remember how much most of my students struggle with the most basic use of computers. However, I think I can incorporate certain medias on my SmartBoard to share with all of my students.

Overall, I feel like my work is meeting or exceeding expectations. I continue to meet all the requirements on time, and push myself to explore new media that I’m not familiar/comfortable with.


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