Week 4: Story Critique

This week I struggled to find a story to critique that I really connected with and enjoyed. I feel like I’m spending a lot of time searching for videos and watching ones that don’t really work the way I need them to. However, the one I settled on this week I’m really happy with.

The video I chose is titled Interest-Based Electives: Engaging Students With STEAM Explorations  and is from Edutopia.org.

I chose this particular video because I think it demonstrates some great ways to engage all types of learners.

What types of “involvement” – and by the author/creator(s), participant(s), and/or audience – are apparent in this story? 

I would say the involvement apparent by the authors/creators is to inform others for professional use. The video is a tool other educators can use to inform instruction in their classrooms/schools. I think it also facilitates interest in STEAM Exploration classes. As the audience I was encouraged to explore the ideas presented.
How would you characterize the “literacy dimensions” present in this story?

As for the literacy dimensions in the video I would say that the creators definitely have something to say that appeals to an audience of educators. They work to talk about how creating these enrichment classes helps to encourage kids to explore things that interest them, while almost “tricking” them into doing Science/Math, etc. For example, the teacher that facilitated the drone class explains that he is really doing science lessons with the kids, but they are so excited about the drones they may not notice. They also successfully convey a lot of meaning in a limited time. The video was informative but not too long or complicated.
What are the online spaces and sites that bring this story to life? Why do these spaces and sites matter to the impact of the given story?

Editorial.org is the online space that houses this particular story. This site matters because it is a site that is dedicated to educators. If this video was hosted on another site, that was not designed for teachers it wouldn’t make as much sense, and wouldn’t reach the right audiences.
Based upon your assessment of involvement and literacy dimensions, what modifications and changes to this digital story might improve aspects of narrative, production, media usage, and/or audience engagement?

The production and media usage in this video was high quality. If anything I would have liked to seen a lesson/plan example written out a bit more. I saw how the students were exploring but I would have liked to see a bit more of the content the teachers were using in the STEAM explorations. Overall though I was really impressed with the video and inspired by a great program that could be tailored to fit the needs of other school communities.



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