History All Around

For this week’s DS106 Design Assignment I chose What Are You Missing Nearby. I picked this particular assignment because it felt like something I could realistically use in an elementary school classroom. To complete the assignment I had to find at lest four places to visit nearby. I’m currently living in Boston, and I love teaching history/social studies, so I chose four historical locations in and around Boston. Finding historical sites around Boston was definitely the easy part-we have a few to choose from. I think the great part about this assignment is you could put many different parameters around it to relate it to a lesson in class. For example, you could have students choose from sites right in their own town, or in their state, and then from there they could research the one location that they were really drawn to. We recently did state projects with my 4th graders and they could have designed something like this instead of listing places of interest on a display board. I think they would be excited about a design challenge like this.

My Design:


In order to create this design I used Flickr and Fotor. I had used Flickr in the past but this was my first time using Fotor, and I was really happy with how user friendly it was. Specifically I used the collage option to create a collage of pictures, and title them.

Fotor Collage

I would definitely use Fotor again, and I could see using it in the classroom as well.


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