Week 3: Reflections


I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway point! I feel as though I completed all of the week’s requirements, and all in the required time. The one place I feel like I could have improved was my Activity Bank Assignment. As I said in my video post I really struggled to create an assignment that connected to my theme. I don’t consider myself very ceative or artistic though, so all of the DS106 assignments really push me to think or create outside of my comfort zone.

As for what I enjoyed the most, I’m still really loving the sharing component of the course. I really love using the annotations, it truly changes academic reading. I wish all of my education classes had used online annotations instead of canvas groups! I also really enjoy looking over my peers story critiques and reading responses. It almost feels as though I’m in a teacher driven PD course-actually learning what we want to learn and what will actually apply to our work.

AS for what I would like to do differently or what questions I still have-I would have liked to explore more of the recommended reading once again. The weeks just get away from me and it’s hard to read over everything. However, I’ve spent more time looking over my peers work, instead of doing the additional readings, and I’ve found many great readings/digital stories from my peers.



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