Instead of struggling with technology this week I struggled with content. So far I have really tried to have most of my content relate back to my theme of education and diverse learners as best I can. So earlier this week, when I started exploring the DS106 Assignment Bank for a video creation I was really looking for something that could connect to education. I started realizing that now that it is summer vacation a school related creation would be difficult. Don’t get me wrong-I found a lot of video ideas I loved. One had to do with creating a video with pictures and movies from your travels, which I would have really enjoyed. As a side-note I worked in educational travel for many years, and have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit-but…back to the problem at hand. After much agonizing I landed on DS106 Video Assignment, A Word…A Picture…A StoryIt was the only one I felt like I could relate it in some way to education without being in a classroom right now.

So here it is…

The video itself tells a little story about some things that come to mind when I think of education, and what students need.

The best part about this assignment was it forced me to play around with Movie Maker-something I hadn’t done in a long time. The first step was just picking words, and I really tried to follow the assignment and not overthink it, just pick the first few that came to mind. Next, I saved all the images, making sure each image had the word written in some fashion in the picture itself. Then I placed them into Movie Maker.

movie maker

When it came to technology the thing I found most difficult was finding music. The free options are not my favorite, but I was happy with the upbeat classical number I stumbled upon.



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