Week 2: Reflections

What a difference a week makes! This week certainly felt much better than week one. I feel like I once again completed all of the requirements for the weekly assignments, but through a new lense-a new understanding of what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I also think I was able to step out of my comfort zone a bit more with the DS106 assignments, because I had more confidence with the technology. For example, in the first week I could not have imagined making an audio mix vis Audacity. I found myself excited to post on Twitter, and share some of my work.
I think I’m still struggling with what can be accomplished using Photoshop, and some of the audio software, but I feel so much more comfortable with the struggle now. I really enjoy seeing what my peers are coming up with for their digital story critiques and their personal scholarship readings. I’ve found myself adding more and more tools to my educator tool box. Some of the videos, blogs, and lesson resources have been really helpful. I also feel like a have a new understanding of how this class can help me in my profession. Remi’s feedback also enlightened me and helped me understand that keeping up with new literacies helps to keep me up with my kids, and their lives. I also loved looking over Lisa’s work it really helped me better understand the course expectations.
Moving forward, not that I’m done with my own classroom I hope to have some more time to read some more of the recommended readings. As I said, I’m also still struggling to feel more comfortable with some of the Photoshop, and audio technology.
I’m surprised by how many resources I’m finding that help connect the themes of this class to the education world. The more of these resources I find the more I realize how beneficial this coursework is to my theme. When I originally chose a theme of teaching diverse learners I was thinking mostly about my students who are learning English as an additional language, or my students on IEPs, but I’m starting to realize I’m really just talking about teaching all of my learners and these new resources are giving me creative ways to reach all my students.
I’m really happy with my work quality this week. I think my increased confidence allowed me to produce higher quality work-it helped me step outside of my comfort zone-which is the goal. Therefore, I would say the quality of my work, along with my effort helped me to exceed expectations. .


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