Beautiful Mess Mashup

For this weeks DS106 Assignment Bank Audio creation I chose to complete “Sounds of Your Day.” I first discovered this assignment last week, when trying to understand what exactly an “Assignment Bank” was exactly. I was first drawn to it, because right now my days are pretty LOUD. With one week left of school, my kids are LOUD.

The audio assignment asked us to record the sounds of our day, and to then combine them into one long sound of our day. Originally I thought, no problem…I’ll just record a bit here and there throughout the day…I got this. However, life quickly got in the way, and I recorded bits and pieces over two or three days-totally breaking the rules. In my defense, my days during the week all have similar sounds throughout, so I planned to cut them all together to make one long sound of a day.

In order to create the audio I first recorded sounds on my iPhone. What I planned on doing with them next was a mystery to me until I came across my classmates blog (thank you Lauren!). We had luckily chosen the same audio assignment and she connected me with a full tutorial, thanks to this blog. Social networking at its finest.

I had never used Audacity before so once I had downloaded it and imported my audio I happily discovered that I could listen to all of my audio recordings, together, at the same time, overlapping, in a crazy jumbled mess, and I sort of fell in love. The past few weeks have been busy, and as I said earlier, my fourth graders have been loud, so the jumbled mess seemed appropriate. Instead of cutting and pasting the sounds together, I let them overlap. To most I think it will sound awful, but to me it sounds like my life, with kids singing, Kid President advice, 5th grade graduation assemblies, throwback music, and more kids.

Here is a list of what you will here in order (as best I could):

Outkast’s Hey Ya!, Lion King, my students celebrating about taking a selfie, 4th graders singing along to Lion King, Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio, typing at my computer, me thanking a student for raising her hand instead of shouting out, 5th grade graduation, Kid President video, 4th graders doing partner work

Warning: it starts out loud


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