Week 1 Reflection

Overall, I feel like I succeeded in completing the requirements of this week’s assignments. When I first looked over DS106, our syllabus, blog, etc. I was overwhelmed by the challenges facing me. I have never blogged before, never used twitter, and honestly had no desire to, but this class has forced me to rethink my ideas about sharing via social media. The engagement and the use of hypothes.is are two things I have really enjoyed. I have to admit, I still don’t love doing the Daily Creates-they are a bit more out of my comfort zone.

I think the overall flow/requirements are giving me the most trouble so far. Just when I think I tagged everything I also realize I need to blog it, tweet it, and annotate it. I feel like I’m repeating myself and not really sure why. I probably enjoyed the sharing between my fellow students the most. I loved the use of hypothes.is for our readings, and I’ve really enjoyed reading their blogs. I learned a lot from the readings and my fellow classmates, but I have to say what I probably learned the most was how much I overanalyze or hesitate when I’m unsure. Due to the ambiguity in the class I’ve found myself reading and rereading all of our resources in fear of making mistakes. I think instead sometime I need to just DO.

As for larger issues surrounding my work-I’m really feeling like still don’t completely understand how the Daily Creates, and Assignments from DS106 connect to our focal theme-or how to connect them to my focal theme. As time goes on I hope this becomes clearer, and in the meantime I plan to read over the tips Lisa posted today.

For now I would say my work is overall meeting expectations. I believe (still not 100%) I completed all of my assignments correctly, and on time. However, as I don’t totally know what I’m doing, I can’t say that I exceeded anything just yet. I also feel like I was completely engaged in the course throughout the week. The one thing that really helped me is making sure I spent time (a lot of time) working on the course every single night this week. Remi said to expect 15 hours/week, and I definitely exceeded that! I made sure to space my work out so I wasn’t scrambling at the last minute to get things done. I plan to continue this throughout the course-I think it’s probably the only way to survive!


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