What’s in the bag?!?

A view into my teacher bag. Visual Assignment 1556 required I take a picture of the essentials in my bag. Luckily my school bag was sitting right next to me filled with papers begging to be graded.

I connected to this visual assignment because what I’m carrying around in my bag on any given day really tells a story about my life at that specific time. For example, a few weeks ago my bag was stuffed with MLS listings, as we were house hunting. Now it is filled with the following:


  1. Sunglasses-I don’t go anywhere without them-my fair eyes can’t take the sun.
  2. A folder from the elementary school I’m teaching at filled with persuasive essays, and EOY math assessments that need to be graded.
  3. TWO planners-one school, one life-with my new grad class and the last few weeks of teaching for the year, on top of personal life, things are busy!
  4. Pretty pens and pencils-essential for all teachers.
  5. My wallet, still filled with Euros from a recent trip.

Funny to think that in just two weeks the contents of my bag will change dramatically, once again telling a the story of my life.

As for the process I didn’t get too technical. I’m still getting use to all the new tech platforms for our course. Therefore, I dumped the contents, took a pic with my iPhone, emailed the pic to my gmail, and uploaded the pic on my desktop. Once I understand the flow of the course more I intend to increase the challenge. Tweeting, blogging, DS106, feedly, and TweetDeck, are giving me enough of a challenge for now.

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